At The Absolute Pitch, we help you raise money with the most powerful means of communication in human history: narrative.

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  • You have a brilliant idea.

    You need investment to bring your idea to life, whether it’s a Series A round or a new opera house. You believe in your idea with every cell in your body. But you don’t know how to pitch it.

    With every cell in our bodies, we want to help. It’s all we do.

Who are you?

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    A start-up

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    A business seeking to grow or exit

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    A university

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    A non-profit

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    A charity

You can explain what you do.

(though it sounds list-y and dull)

But dread surrounds you when someone asks WHY?

You’re paralyzed by complexity.

You have a mission and a vision, values, and a value proposition. Your big hairy audacious goal is basically your mission (with an audaciously hairy number). You have a strategic plan, too, but it’s under an inch of dust.

You’re drowning in tangents, clichés, nonsense you’ve heard at conferences, and universal synonyms of goodness.

No more

Let’s get serious. Let’s be human.

Who are you, really, and why do you need this investment? What is the problem you were born to solve?

  • Why do we use narrative?

    Our brains are wired for story. It’s at the heart of every religion, every novel, film, and video game you love. A good story is simple and unforgettable. It’s a vessel for intelligence and emotion. It’s an invitation.

A story-based pitch is about you, but it’s also about your investor. No matter who your audience is, they took the meeting with you because they desired something...

Investors want financial returns, problems to solve, outlets for their skills and experience and networks.

Philanthropists want to change lives. They want to build communities, secure their legacy.

Governments want to help. They want political capital. They want to improve their reputations at home and abroad.

To seduce them, you need a pitch deck. Anyone can build you a pitch deck.

We’re different. We build your story.

We use interviews and research. We don’t write or create anything until we understand, until we’re convinced.

  • We build you a deck.

    It’s story, data, context, the change you promise: all of it synthesized, beautifully designed, intuitive. You might also want a slide stream or a video.

Then we help you rehearse. This is, after all, a show. You want your audience to walk out dreaming.

You have the idea.

We’ll give you the best chance to bring it to life.

Let's build your absolute pitch, together.